Sunday, October 8, 2017

How to create one total auto settlement line for the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) file in Microsoft Dynamics GP

How do you create one total auto-settlement line for EFT for Payables Management or Receivables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP 
1.  In Dynamics GP, click on Cards, point to Financial and click on EFT FIle Format. 
2.  Select the EFT Format ID you want to add the settlement line to. 
3.  Mark the checkbox for Generate Auto-Settlement for Each Detail.
4.  Now UNMARK the checkox for Generate Auto-Settlement for Each Detail and you will be prompted with the message Settlement details exist for this format.  Do you want to save or delete the details?  Click SAVE.  (This saves the field mappings for the settlement line, so you get one settlement line per file, instead of per detail line.) You will then be prompted Settlement details have been saved.  Verify that the fields are mapped for a summary settlement line.  Click OK
5.  For the Line Type, click the drop-down list and select Settlement.   Review the default field mappings for each line and edit as necessary to match your bank's requirements. 
6.  Click Save

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