Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dynamics GP 10/2010 : Login very slow after installing SP5

Hi there,
Many experienced a torturous delay when login to GP after installing SP5 of GP10 with Analytical Accounting module.The workaround by Microsoft for this issue till the hotfix is launched is given below.

A Microsoft SQL Server job can be created to remove the records from the SY07110 table for the Dynamics Online Services product as a workaround until the resolution is released. The Microsoft SQL Server job can be scheduled to run every morning and/or at other times during the day to remove the records

1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio.
2. Expand the SQL Server Agent.
3. Right-click Jobs and click New Job.
4. Enter a name for the job.
5. Under the Select a page area at the left, click Steps.
6. Click New.
7. Enter a Step Name such as "Remove SY07110".
8. Click to select DYNAMICS as the database.
9. Copy the following statement into the Command area.

delete DYNAMICS..SY07110 where PRODID = 6499

10. Click OK.
11. In the Select a page area, click Schedules.
12. Click New.
13. Enter a Name.
14. Click to select Daily under the Frequency area.
15. In the Daily Frequency area, enter a time early in the morning or if you would like to run this more times throughout the day click to select the Occurs Every option and set that option.
16. Click OK.
17. Click OK.
18. Right-click the job to verify it runs successfully....

Hope this is helpful.